Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tree of Life Trailer

Originally posted: 2 Jan 2011

Anything by Terrence Mallick is always big news. Just four films to his name, and a planet of acclaim. Badlands Days of Heaven in the 70s, then a 20-year wait before 1998's The Thin Red Line (Saving Private Ryan with more nature, poetry & more indie names in the cast). His most recent, The New World, did not impress everyone, but I loved it. The story dragged on & perhaps the characters did not convince, but with Mallick's potently poetic combination of images, music & internal monologues, I could sit through hours of ineffective plot & mopey Colin Farrell.

His latest is a sprawling epic that takes in everything from dinosaurs to a troubled father-son relationship (Brad Pitt is the father, Sean Penn is the son - in two different timelines, of course).  

Leans toward pretentious, but oh so beautiful. I could watch this trailer all day.