Thursday, March 3, 2011


Originally posted on 6 Jan 2011:

This Trending Topic on Twitter the past few days has had me highly amused.

The topic is #lessambitiousmovies (Less Ambitious Movies) and the idea is to adapt movie titles to create less ambitious versions of the original.

Naturally they range from the pretty lame to the pretty brilliant. Basically an exercise in profound understatement. Here are my favourites:

'Australian Psycho'
‘Being John Mayer’
'Charlie and the Factory'
'Dirty Glancing'
‘Homely Woman’
'I Think I Know What You Did Last Summer'
‘Lean on Someone Else’
'No Country for Gary Oldman'
'O Brother, There You Are'
‘One-night-stand Actually’
‘Salieri’ (As in, 'Amadeus.' Brilliant)
'The Sudoku Kid'
'There Will Be Wounds'

And some more that I enjoyed:

'7 Beers in Tibet'
'299' (That one came up a few times)
'Acetaminophen and Other Drugs'
'Apocalypse Later'
'Apocalypse Soon'
'A Beautiful Hind'
'Cesarian Section of a Nation' 
‘Cubic Zirconias are Forever’
‘Edward Fingerhands’
'The Empire Was Gonna Strike Back'
'The Good the Bad and my uncle Jerry'
'Gone With the Breeze'
'Helping Private Ryan'
‘The Hunt for Red M&M’s’
‘Mr Smith Goes to Cleveland’
'New Zealand'
‘The Phantom of the Automat’
'Partial Recall'
'Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Mothballs'
‘P.S. I Really Like You as a Friend’
‘Six Samurai’
‘Snakes on a Train’
'Some of the Kings Men'
'Star Wars: A False Hope'
‘Temporary Manager of the Rings’

Lastly, my own attempts:

'Deaf Becomes Her'
'The Departing'
'Inglorious Jerks'
'Lawrence of Aruba'
'No Country for Little Girls'
'Nurse Zhivago'
'Reasonable Expectations'
'YMCA' (As in 'Hostel')
'Zimdog Millionaire'