Sunday, September 18, 2011

Winnie - may be good after all

I may have to eat my words about Darrell Roodt's upcoming Winnie biopic. Sasha Stone from Awards Daily saw it at TIFF and has nice things to say about Jennifer Hudson's performance:

Winnie might not win Hudson a second Oscar, but all those who scoffed at Hudson back in 2006 and deemed that she was not a serious and/or talented actress will surely eat crow after attending a screening of Winnie. (However, the film could score Hudson her first Genie nod.) Hudson dives into her subject with a dual edge and reveals the bipolar sides of Winnie, both humane and maniacal. She does her subject justice and she gives a performance that refuses to shy away from the controversy of the former Mrs. Mandela. Most importantly, Hudson wears the suffering of Winnie’s thirty-odd years of political power, so even when Winnie becomes more like a devious mobster than a devoted philanthropist, her humanity rings true.

She does conclude by saying this film itself is a bit uneven, but if they captured Winnie's political prowess as well as her, well, mobster craziness, then they've already done a better job than I expected. Still not sure I could sit through Terrence Howard's accent, though... Read Sasha's full review here.