Thursday, September 8, 2011


Michel Gondry's uneven but thoroughly charming Be Kind Rewind coined the term 'sweded' for lovingly scrappy home-made versions of popular films, and Empire Magazine's annual Done in 60 Seconds competition popularised the one minute versions that can be found all over YouTube.

While most settle for humorous mash-ups, and some get friends and family to rush through an assortment of scenes, some manage to find a truly ingenious, fresh angle that encapsulates the essence of the film in miniature form.

Some of my favourites:

There Will Be Blood re-imagined as a video game which retains pretty much the entire plot, down to the milkshake

Inception, distilled in paper cutout animation

A very clever Social Network parody

Lego Die Hard

Borderline inappropriate, but clever & funny: Titanic in a bathtub

All Lee Hardcastle's claymation shorts are amazing. His take on The Exorcist is pretty funny.