Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Warrior - Trailer

The trailer feels a bit cheesy, and the film too close on the heels of last year's brothers / boxing drama The Fighter, but Warrior is getting glowing reviews wherever it goes - Variety's Jeff Sneider calls it a Best Picture contender, while Nick Nolte's performance is being hailed as the most heart breaking of his career. 

Starring Animal Kingdom's broody Joel Edgerton & Bronson / Inception's super cool Tom Hardy (soon to be Bane in The Dark Knight Rises) as estranged brothers from a broken home taking on the world of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting for the cash that goes with the title prize. Tommy (Hardy) is an angry, ex-marine blazing his way to the finals. Brendon is his older, more sensible, brother who takes to the ring to supplement his teacher's salary and provide for his family. When Brendon becomes an unexpected, underdog favourite, the brothers end up facing off against each other, and their damaged past. Nick Nolte is their dad, a washed-up alcoholic and ex-fighter that Tommy enlists as his coach. Hardy and Edgerton are said to be electric, but Nolte steals the show.