Monday, March 12, 2012

Depp, Bruckheimer & Verbinski let The Lone Ranger ride again

Continuing his infatuation with Vintage American TV, Johnny Depp is also reviving 40s / 50s / 60s TV serial The Lone Ranger with his Pirates of the Caribbean collaborators, Jerry Bruckheimer & recent Oscar winner Gore Verbinski. In true Depp fashion, he insisted on playing Tonto, rather than the titular Ranger, to ensure the classic "sidekick" is not sidelined & stereotyped , & to explore his own part-American Indian heritage.

Depp's elaborate take on the classically single-feathered Tonto has been met with mixed reception, but his detailed make up & get up may be closer to reality, if you consider the reference pic below. And why have one feather when you could have a whole bird?

Ryan Gosling was briefly attached to fill the big shoes of the Lone Ranger, but that mantle has ultimately be-crested the shoulders of Armie Winkelvii Hammer. May the force be with him. There is no doubt that Depp's Tonto will take a more central role (he is, after all, the humble mastermind, while the Lone Ranger is the posturing jock...), but whether Bruckheimer & Verbinski will be able to create a blockbuster while staying true to the simple spirit of the TV show will be the real test.

Tonto & the Ranger - alone, together:

The Lone Ranger opening credits: 

After the cut - this chick is awesome & super excitable & tells the story far better than I can: