Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spielberg's Oscar Bid - War Horse

Already an Oscar front runner and not yet released (never a good idea), Spielberg's other movie this year (as director - he also produced Super 8 & Cowboys and Aliens, which probably seemed like a good idea at the time) is a World War I epic about a boy who goes on a dangerous mission to, ahem, find his beloved horse - sold to the cavalry and fighting in the war - and bring him back to his home town.

That synopsis has every opportunity for unbearable sentimentality, but the film is based on the massive hit play - performed with puppets - which in turn is based on Michael Morpurgo's acclaimed children's book. The play swept this year's Tony Awards when it opened on Broadway, and has been described by The Times in the UK as "the theatrical event of the decade." Whether the play's acclaim is more due to the story or the puppetry we will have to wait and see. Spielberg has a successful track record with films about the Holocaust, WWII and modern terrorism, so anticipation for War Horse is high. I remain a skeptic willing to be convinced.



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