Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miranda July's 'The Future'

Since her 2005 indie hit, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Miranda July has kept herself busy with performance art, multimedia projects (like 2006's Things We Don’t Understand and Definitely are Not Going To Talk About), publishing short stories and writing / directing her latest quirky gem, The Future.

I'll tell you one thing - indie Hollywood sure has a massive lead on mainstream Hollywood when it comes to creating intriguing trailers & posters. This may be a matter of necessity for the indie scene, or it could be thanks to Hollywood's assumption that audiences are stupid & possess only pre-packaged expectations, or perhaps it comes down to whether creatives or  executives are behind the decision-making.

Either way - enjoy:

More The Future artwork + clip from Me and You and Everyone We Know AFTER THE CUT.

Lovely scene from Me and You and Everyone We Know: