Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Music Never Stopped Trailer

Good to see Julia Ormond making a bit of a comeback. She was great in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & won a deserved Emmy (which, incidentally, she gave away to her true-life character) for (mini-series) Temple Grandin.

Also great to see JK Simmons in a more leading role, after his recent supporting awesomeness for the Coens (Burn After Reading) & Jason Reitman (Juno).

Looks pretty good.

Julia Ormond giving her Emmy to Eustacia Cutler, after the cut:

Julia Ormond 'Curious Case of Benjamin Button' promo clip - mostly praising Cate Blanchett (random editing alert):

'Temple Grandin' cast interview:

Julia Ormond donating her Grammy to Eustacia Cutler at an autism conference - classy: