Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Illusionist - Trailer

From Pathé (seeing that logo always makes me happy) & director Sylvain Chomet, who brought us the glorious Belleville Rendezvous.

Ironically dubbed 'not the Edward Norton movie' on the blogosphere, the makers are indeed being sued by the makers of Neil Burger's 2006 live action film by the same title (the one that does star Edward Norton) for copyright infringement. There is no copyright in the title, so apparently they are going for 'striking plot similarities'. Seeing that this is based on an old (reportedly semi-autobiographical) script by french director Jacques Tati, and bears no plot similarity beyond the vocation of the lead character, that may be a hard one to pull off.

Petty law suits aside, this looks awesome! Belleville Rendezvous (aka The Triplets of Belleville) is just so fresh, loose & gloriously cinematic. Illusionist is reportedly shrouded in melancholy and largely dialogue-free, and the animation looks beautiful.

Excitement levels are high.