Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great South African film: Paljas

Katinka Heyns' Paljas (1998) is still one of my favourite South African films. It is very 'Afrikaans', but feels like a polished European indie.

Unfortunately, I could not find any trailers / clips online (in fact, besides the image from the poster, below, all I could find was a picture of Juliette Binoche. Um...). Wish it had made more of an impact internationally.


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A family moves to the remote area of Karoo in South Africa, and the strain of their new environment brings out the repressed hostilities they feel for one another. When they offer shelter to a clown who has been ostracised by the locals, they become the object of the town's hostility, but the friendship which develops between the young son and clown causes the family to come together and fight back.
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