Sunday, November 18, 2012

Please support us on Indiegogo


So our campaign to raise tuition funds for New York Film Academy went live on Indiegogo last night. Please check it out, contribute where you can and share it with your world:

A little background - My lifelong dream has been to make movies & study film abroad. I have now been accepted to New York Film Academy, and received partial funding for 20% of my tuition. I still need to raise quite a bit of funds to make my first year's studies a reality, especially at the current Rand / Dollar conversion.

Please check out the campaign & help out where you can! Also check out the other awesome, deserving campaigns on Indiegogo, like the campaign to bring back the Word Up Community Bookshop in Manhattan

Or the Face Watch campaign that allows yout o do good & get a hot watch while you're at it:

Or the many Hurricane Sandy relief campaigns, like this one:

Much appreciated.

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