Monday, April 23, 2012

Looper - Trailer

Poster via Collider

Whether reinventing film noir for high school and lo-fi daylight in Brick, or having globe trotting, highbrow, post-modern fun with big names in The Brothers Bloom, or helming the loved / hated Fly episode of Breaking Bad, Rian Johnson has already established himself as an intelligent and endlessly inventive writer / director.

This year he takes on Sci Fi and time travel in what looks to be a nifty, brain frying little thriller. Casting Bruce Willis as the future version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an odd choice that necessitated Gordon-Levitt's ostensibly effective face alteration make up, and will hopefully pay off in the context of the completed film. At the very least, a smart summer thriller with a sharp premise. At the very best, a new sci fi classic.

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