Friday, January 13, 2012

Last chance to help make it happen for A Shot at the Big Time

With just 45 hours left, this is your last chance to get involved in the first crowd funded film in South Africa. Based on the true story of screenwriter Janet Van Eeden's brother whose rock star dreams were smashed when he was forcibly conscripted into the South African National Defence Force. Difficult relationships made him go AWOL and a terrible accident put him in a mental institution. But the army didn't leave him there long - he was conscripted back into the front line of the South African border wars, where he took his own life rather than fight a war he didn't believe in. 

The campaign has caused some controversy with SADF veterans, but this is Janet's story & the story of anyone forced to fight for a cause they didn't sign up for. Check out more or send in your auditions on her IndieGoGo page & drum up some support while you still can: