Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Lars Von Trier REALLY said at Cannes

After screening every one of his films, and celebrating even the ones every one else didn't like much (Antichrist, I'm looking at you...), the Cannes film festival banned controversial Danish director Lars Von Trier from the festival & declared him persona non gratia after comments he made at a press conference about Hitler & Nazis. 

I'm not the biggest fan of Von Trier as a person (although I admire the boldness of his films), but for a film festival that thrives on pushing boundaries, Cannes' reaction to Von Trier's comments are curiously politically correct. While what he said was controversial, and perhaps careless, there is plenty of context to his comments.

Judge for yourself (the clip is worth watching for Kirsten Dunst's reaction alone) :

Dunst admits she was upset by his comments at the time, but insists that his words merely 'came out wrong' & that they are still friends.

Here is Dunst's take on things, just after winning Best Actress at Cannes: